There is never enough tools implementation (physical or software). Tools themselves can never do effective work and people won’t be satisfied with their function. Every delivery project has to start from requirements analysis, evaluation of their fulfillment and further planning of their maintenance or improvement.

It’s a shame that many projects are implemented using the big-bang strategy, with no proper long term plan for future development. At first this strategy can look cheaper, but in the end users are hostages of a system that was built to support their work.

To avoid similar scenarios, we always try to focus on long term perspective of a project, where everything has its place and reason. A busines process analysis is the base of such a strategy that gives foundation of understanding of the needs and areas, where software tools can bring additional value. Analysis also bright transparency which helps to identify all places those need to improve when conditions change.

Organizations are living organisms as well as a world they live in. Since anything can change, it is crucial to try to continually adapt for new conditions and challenges. Only this way business can keep their maximal effectiveness and capture new opportunities.